When to Consider a Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty has gradually become an incredibly popular and common surgical procedure. Many women resort to labiaplasty to change the appearance of their vagina or seek relief from genital pain. In most cases, women seek this surgery following menopause or childbirth.

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty surgery is a procedure which reduces the length of your labia minora. For many women, outer and inner vaginal lips can enlarge and, hence, start protruding over time, which can lead to embarrassment as well as physical discomfort. Orange County Labiaplasty can restore your genital area to its younger and original appearance by the removal of excess tissue and skin.

Labiaplasty procedure is a very personal decision which should ideally be made between the woman and the plastic surgeon. Also, it is vital to choose an experienced surgeon who is trained in their profession, such as those here at CosmetiCare.

When to Consider Labiaplasty?

You should consider labiaplasty in the following cases.

To Alleviate Physical Discomfort or Pain
Women with large outer or inner labia can feel discomfort or pain during routine activities. For instance, their enlarged vaginal lips might rub up or chafe against tight clothing or skin during walking or running, which can cause irritation and chaffing.

In addition, women who have elongated, enlarged, or peculiarly shaped labia can also have trouble urinating. Labiaplasty in Orange County can help reduce physical discomfort through the removal of excess labial tissue, which makes everyday activities like walking, running, or playing sports much more enjoyable and comfortable.

To Enhance Sexual Pleasure
Labiaplasty could help make sexual intercourse a more comfortable and pleasurable experience both psychologically and physically. Note that enlarged inner labia may be pulled, tugged and dragged into your vagina during intercourse; this can be embarrassing as well as painful. Many women who have asymmetrical or unusually shaped labia tend to feel uncomfortable and shy being nude in the presence of their sexual partners.

During the labiaplasty procedure, hanging, excess skin or tissue is carefully removed from these inner lips, which can eliminate pain. Moreover, the procedure could also reshape your inner lips to create an appealing and more symmetrical look. As a result, labiaplasty surgery allows women to feel comfortable, more confident, and desirable during sex.

Other Reasons

There are many other medical reasons you should consider:

  • Labiaplasty could help relieve pain caused from sitting for extended periods of time.
  • Many women have chronic or painful UTIs (urinary tract infections). In this case, this procedure can help.
  • Also, enlarged labia are likely to lead to more serious bacterial infections as it is sometimes hard to thoroughly cleanse the area.
  • Discomfort, pain, and itching.

So, in case your labia are bothering you to the point where they are interfering with your normal life, you should speak to your doctor or an Orange County plastic surgeon about your options.

Note that during this meeting, they will carefully examine your genital area and listen closely to your goals, concerns, and desired results. Then they will devise a customized treatment plan which is best for you. https://cosmeticareca.blogspot.com/2018/12/when-to-consider-labiaplasty.html


Author: CosmetiCare

CosmetiCare has been a trusted name in plastic surgery and medical spa treatments for more than three decades. Founded in 1982, nearly 90% of our patients are referred by prior patients.

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